The Most Powerful Performance Enhancer in 2017: Faster Muscle Growth and Increase Your HGH levels | My Niacin Max Review


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2017 is here and everyone wants to know what’s best for their buck when it comes to muscle building supplements and they want to know what truly works. I had a lot of trouble with finding this myself. I made this site to help everyone spend less time online and more time in the gym.

Today I am going to give insight into one of the most amazing Nitric Oxide (Niacin) supplement available. Niacin Max is the greatest Niacin Supplement in the market today. If you want faster muscle development and an absolutely insane performance boost to every aspect of yourself , I highly recommend NiacinMax

NiacinMax is my favorite Supplement for getting the true potential out of the human body. With its fast dissolving technology, Niacin Max bypasses your vitamin destroying digestive system and makes it straight to your blood stream increasing your blood oxygen levels and HGH production almost instantly! 

If you are interested in how to build muscle quicker than ever before to feel stronger and more powerful then read my Niacin Max Review to learn how it can help you make the most out of every workout and build amazing muscle seriously fast.

What is Niacin?

Niacin (Vitamin B3) has an amazing ability to cause vasolidation or decrease the blood pressure helping exhausted and hard-worked muscles to get more oxygen and nutrients which helps you get way more fit a lot faster by increasing your performance and recovery times. Vitamin B3 also has a significant role in the production of your Human Growth Hormone (HGH), Niacin Max takes it to the next level.

What there is to know about HGH

Try to remember how easily you healed or got over a sickness when you where a child, think to  when you where growing up, how building muscle got easier as you got older.

As we grow up our Human Growth Hormone increases until adulthood, it’s highest in our 20’s, which makes sense because that is when it is easiest to build muscle. When you are older your bones disintegrate while muscle becomes harder to , this is all because as you age you start to lose your ability to produce HGH.

This Hormone is produced at the pituitary gland, which by at age 20 is peaking and afterwards slowly drops off the charts, by age 61 the average persons Human Growth Hormone levels are approximately 80% lower than when you had your 21st birthday.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry. With Niacin Max it’s possible to turn back time and gain all the amazing benefits of increased Human Growth Hormone production! Even if your are young Niacin is the safest way to raise your HGH, and Niacin Max is most efficient for its way of building a intravenous delivery system, quickly absorb the niacin right into your bloodstream.


How Niacin Max can Benefit You

  • Significantly Improves your blood flow to your Muscles
  • Boosts your oxygen blood levels up to 50%
  • Increased red blood cell production
  • Get the most out of everything! Absorb all nutrients more efficiently
  • Faster muscle growth and increased performance due to massive boost in HGH

What Exactly is Niacin Max?

Niacin Max is the only Niacin supplement to use such powerful technology to administer its benefits to its users. Every Niacin supplement I have ever come across has been in pill form or powder, and sometimes liquid. The problem with these, they all have to pass through the digestive system, a lengthy process that destroys almost all of what you ingest.

Most people are never told that around 90 percent of the nutrients inside supplements that pass through your digestive system never really get through to your blood stream. Niacin Max was created with this in mind, intelligently designed Niacin that are  Encapsulated in Liposomes for a protected journey while being absorbed effortlessly under your tongue. This is the main reason that Niacin Max stays above the competition getting positive reviews year after year.

Niacin Max is just a small strip that dissolves easily under your tongue, it consists of ONLY 75 milligrams of niacin. At first I thought it too, only 75 mg?? But no worries, as it packs quite the punch. Remember none of it is being destroyed by your digestive system, near instantly ALL of it makes its way to your blood cells.

No need for water, and no mixing required!

Niacin Max is shipped and manufactured by a German company named Wolfson Berg Limited which is very popular for high quality FDA approved Health & Fitness Supplements. All of their ingredients have been scientifically tested and have been prepared in quality controlled conditions. Check out the Niacin Max Website here for more on that.


Why NiacinMax Beats the Rest

Simply put Niacin Max compares to no other Nitric supplement on the market today. They provide a 67 day guarantee, if you aren’t satisfied then you can return it for a full refund.  They can do this because they know that Niacin Max works, and it works because of its simplicity. The delivery system is next to none, having devised a method of encapsulating the nutrients so they do not take any damage on the way to the cell is a breakthrough in 21st century technology. Unlike the other Niacin pills and liquids on the market today, Niacin Max can guarantee you a raise in Human Growth Hormone and Oxygen blood flow!


  • Easily take without food or water, anywhere, anytime.
  • Absorbs instantly for almost instant results
  • Because of its purity you don’t have to worry about additives
  • Encapsulated Liposomes for protected delivery, get all out of what you buy
  • results in 67 days or your money back


  • You may feel a Niacin Flush, however the delivery system makes the flush much less noticeable

Where can I get Niacin Max?

You can only get Niacin Max from the official site Here, also all the images and links on this page will take you to the official site as well.